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Computer House Call's technicians charge only a $75 service charge and $75 per hour for on-site work at your home or small business.  After the first hour we charge $37.50 for every half hour.


Our consultants have many years of experience. They come armed with all the tools and parts needed to get the job done right. They can fix and upgrade your computer so that you can do what you want and need to do.


Hands-on training is the best way for most people to learn to use the computer effectively. First, we assess your needs and skills, then we tailor your training to bring you to the level you wish to achieve.


Everybody hates malware symptoms like annoying pop-ups, error messages, and poor response time. Our consultants come prepared with the appropriate malware removal software and the know-how to get rid of this annoying problem. We will also teach you and your family how to keep your computer from becoming infected again.


There are many difficult decisions you need to make when buying a new system or installing new software. Sales people will often try to sell you hardware and add-ons without understanding what you really need. Our consultants, relying on years of experience, will save you time and money by helping you make the right choices.


Most home computers today are not adequately protected from the ongoing threat of viruses. Once infected, your computer may run very slowly or simply not perform the basic functions you need. We can perform a virus audit, rebuild damaged software, install what you need, and provide you and your family with valuable training to help you prevent your computer from getting infected again.


We can network any home or office with a wired or wireless system. Each consultant comes with high-quality networking hardware or we can troubleshoot your existing network.


The ubiquity of the Internet in modern life makes a presence on the World Wide Web an important way to keep your business in the public eye. With over five years of experience in web design and programming, our web development experts have the skills necessary to establish a powerful presence on the web for you and your business. Whether all you need is a simple home page, e-commerce site, or a full-blown data-driven portal, we have the internet marketing solutions for you.


What if you have really important data on your machine, don't have it backed up and your computer crashes.   You get a message that all of your data has been encrypted by a virus and you need to call this toll free number.  When you call them they want lots of money to get your data back.  These are problems that we solve every day

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Andy was very prompt and accommodating with my schedule. He's extremely knowledgeable and very personable.
He explained everything to me and took the time to make some suggestions. I highly recommend Computer House call to anyone that needs computer services.
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